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14 Best Colleges For Astronomy Majors

The 11th House is the House that rules “Groups” – including of course TEAMS. It falls within my 11th House of the “Claal” – community, friends and friendships, affinity groups I belong to, the collective consciousness. At 2 Degrees Cancer, it’s Conjunct the current position of an embarrassing little asteroid called Hades in the 11th House of the Game (see chart). The game itself, although called for 6:30pm Eastern Time (that would be 29 Degrees of Leo) will actually begin somewhat later (after all the ads, intros and accolades) during the time when Virgo is rising. Before you book an appointment with an astrologer, you should take some time to research their online presence. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to quality teaching, committed to research and scholarly activity, and engaged in service to the University and the community. Mercury will be in Pisces, and that will certainly favor Manning, whose Natal Mercury and Venus are both in Pisces.

Transiting Chiron (“The Wounded Healer”) at 11 Pisces is Conjunct Manning’s Natal Venus in his 7th House (House of Marriage and Equal Partnerships). Wilson’s Natal 29 Degree Sagittarius Uranus gives him the EXTREME WILDCARD aspect, and as it lies on the 4th/5th House Cusp of the Game Chart, you can expect the unexpected, the creative, the fiery – and possibly the fireworks! By House and by Sign, the position of Pluto illustrates the role of power, passion, personal ego, death and rebirth in your life. A personal example: like many of my generation, I have Pluto in Virgo. Pluto was “discovered” in 1930, but astronomers and astrologers had long suspected it’s existence. Things happen, when existence allows them to happen and the ego continues to dream on and on. It ignores the timing of existence. It’s possible to say that even though Peyton Manning is considerably older than Russell Wilson, he’s like a Jedi Knight compared to a young initiate, who lacks nothing when it comes to courage but can’t hold a candle to experience. Manning, the Aries, is a Fire Dragon, and Wilson, the Sagittarius, is an Earth Dragon. Wilson is an Earth Dragon, and Manning is a Fire Dragon.

The Seahawk’s Russell Wilson is a Sagittarius with his Moon in Leo and Mars, Planet of Aggression, Energy and “koach” is in Aries. Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning are both Fire Signs – in fact, in Chinese Astrology, they’re both DRAGONS. Notable for being “the only month without a holiday”, Cheshvan is incepted by the Chaggim of Tishrei, specifically the final holiday of Simchat Torah, after which there are no holidays, feasts or fasts until Chanukkah on 25 Kislev. Iyar is incepted by the Sefirot haOmer period, which begins on the 15th of Nissan and ends on the 5th of Sivan. Taurus is the Fixed Earth (Establishing Manifestation) Sign, whose energetic task is to take the great passion and love and freedom of Nissan and establish it, laying the groundwork of manifestation by deep thought and discernment. The birth of Menashe, Joseph’s firstborn, also has “supernatural” undertones, understanding it in the context of Joseph’s great efforts to resist Potiphar’s wife and to guard his sexual purity, even to anguishing lengths. From the familiar horoscopes, to the heliocentric model of the universe, the skilled ancient astronomy of the Chaldeans can be found around us, glimpses of a lost, great age. Choosing astronomy binoculars for the homeschool classroom can be an exciting endeavor for the entire family!

It is true that online telescopes can make observations of the universe both more powerful and easier than attempts with your own, amateur equipment. The orbits aren’t evenly distributed (some orbits are more useful than others), but just to make the math easy, let’s pretend for a moment that they are. The sparks really fly when Ram and Aries get together and they make a very dynamic combination. The triple play of all three Fire Signs, perfectly configured to give him visionary prowess (Sagittarius), pride and leadership (Leo) and courage and fearlessness (Aries) right where it counts. To see the event, people will need to be in the right place at the right time. This third, final and “Messianic” Temple is promised to the Jewish People as not only a sign of redemption, but as the actual, physical place on Planet Earth from which universal love will flow to all peoples and all nations. Iyar is associated with the Tribe of Issachar and the Zodiac Sign (“Mazal”) of Taurus, the Bull. The sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign are very important. The Gift of Astrology is that we are invited to be partners with existence, to create a future built on awareness and clarity of consciousness.