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There is one another form of deriving future predictions that is a part of astrology which is known as Numerology. On realizing its deep import, not only do we our selves become divinely powerful but that the present and future of the world too follows suit. And yet its deep import lies in solar worship. By going deep into its worship method we can understand mysterious powers/energies of the cosmos and thus avail benefits from energy streams of the solar system. Thus he believes that even if a particular planet exists miles and miles away from our globe yet it will somehow influence our earth. Our planet earth is a member of the solar system and moon is its satellite. Every moment it influences all members of the solar system with its movements and activities. Solar flames which are connected to the closeness of planets and lunar movements are known to create various types of interceptions on earth.

Magnetic storms which are the result of imbalance experienced by various planets are known to manifest natural calamities and illnesses pertaining to the nervous system/psyche of all terrestrial beings. He says that time and again magnetic storms attack earth which result in nervous and psychological disorders in its denizens. After every 11 years time span a nuclear eruption takes place on the sun. As a result of changes taking place in the earths gravitational force human behavior and inner nature too get affected. Since time immemorial astrological sciences have looked upon the chief of the solar system i.e. the sun as not just a mass of blazing fire but a permanent storehouse of life, vital force and awakened fire. Vladimir found from his preliminary research that when a special type of fire like agitation (flare) gets unleashed on the sun an intense magnetic storm manifests on earth. A Russian scientist Vladimir Desyatoy has conducted in depth studies in this field.

A Russian scientist named Chinevski has reached some important conclusions after a long time span of research in this field. The time in the birth time field is used to calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. The most common astrological chart (in the first days) was the birth chart. This is witnessed also in the form of suicides, murders, mental imbalance and road accidents. The scholars of astrology had reinstated the members of the solar system in the form of Divine Powers. Do take back your light rays in your fold because I am visualizing your most auspicious form. A subtle give and take exists between them though not perceived by the gross human sense organs. Also, some tips to improve your study skills so that you study more efficiently and take exams with better results. While searching, narrow down our search to only to ‘commercial photographers’, otherwise, the major section of the results would turn out to be wedding and family portrait photographers. Conflict Quotient: Conflict could arise because the Capricorn agenda was being violated (financial, social scenes, family priorities) or because Aquarius was finding it difficult to be happy with a life style that might be a little “cramped”.

This will conflict with the bonding aspect of the year and needs to be improved. Most astronomy flashlights will use a series of red light emitting diodes which use less power resources and increase battery life. The refractor telescope, on the other hand, uses lenses to refract the light. Some need a light touch from their parents, and some a tight rein. Todays advanced scientific research has failed to throw adequate light on such mysteries. Bang opposite to this, astrological sciences which deal with the subtle activities of the sun regarding the spiritual universe is fully capable of unfolding the mysteries of interstellar space by using the knowledge of the suns influence over it. With the result every movement that manifests in interstellar space influences human nature, mind/psyche, intellect and consciousness. World revered Physicists too accept the fact that activities of the solar system influences both the Earths atmosphere and life present on it.